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JCS subscribes to the belief that quality, quantity and success of the organization depends largely on the skills, abilities and promise of the employees who constitute the most important class of the organization.

The JCS holds in it the promise of high quality, development and challenge. For a new hire joining the company, the company promises a demanding career with an opportunity to be a partner in nation's education development.

Career Advancement Opportunities

JCS has well conventional talent management systems in place to ensure that the company delivers on it’s assure of providing exponential growth and challenge to all employees.

  • Performance ManagementJCS has a standardized and formalized performance management system. The system is designed to accomplish the overall organizational vision and mission by linking individual performance to the company’s objectives and strike a balance between performance and ability to help individuals excel in their fields.
  • Career Paths- A formal career path and development process exists in JCS. All career paths have an underlying management structure. Succession criteria for leadership positions in each career path have been identified, which provide basis for job revolution.
  • Leadership Development- Latent staffs are assessed for leadership competence and are groomed to occupy leadership positions in the company. We have a system that enables measurement of leadership effectiveness, gap identification against an identified set of leadership competence. Individual development plans are made based on the gaps identified to ensure that the process of development and growth is meaningful.



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